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February 18th, 2011

Thank you!

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I would like to thank everyone who bought Core-Renamer for supporting me!

If you like to tool please consider voting for it in the App Store. It would help a lot. Please also feel free to post comments in the Discussion section. I’m already working on some requests, so stay tuned.



December 24th, 2009

Core-Renamer 1.2.0 beta 1

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Hi all!

Michael requested the feature to rename folders as well, so I added it yesterday together with the possibility to add files (and/or folders) recursively. If you select folders in the open dialog or you drag them in the table view, Core-Renamer always searches the content of these folders. However, if you chose recursive in the open dialog, then folders included in these folders will be traversed too. So basically you decide between going down one level of the directory tree or all levels. Regarding folders, in the open dialog you now can chose between Files, Folders and Files and Folders with the obvious result. Drag & Drop stays the same for now. Maybe I’ll implement a context menu which let’s you decide what to add when dropping.

Last but not least, this version is untestet and since I made some code changes there may be new bugs. So, use this version at own risk and please inform me if you find any bugs.



November 11th, 2009

Core-Renamer 1.1.0

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Made some minor changes. Here’s the changelog:

  • Numbering is now more useful. You just decide whether you want leading zeros to be added or not.
  • Menu items for remove are now grey if there is nothing to remove
  • Added menu items “Apply” and “Apply and Rename” for convenience.There are also keyboard-shortcuts. Make sure no textfield has focus,¬†otherwise the shortcuts won’t work

I hope I have not introduced any bugs. If you find one please don’t hesitate to notify me :)